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How to choose the right size ?
How to choose the right size ?

One of the most frequently asked question on our online boutique is this one : what size should I choose ? Ordering online is so easy but unfortunately we can\'t try-on the clothes virtually yet. Sometimes, you are so happy when ordering a brand new item online, you trust the shop and when you receive your order, the disappointment is real. The size is wrong, and you don’t know what to do about it.

This can happen because of two main reasons : first of all, the website can have a different sizing from what usually fits you. This usually happens with Asians brands because the Asian sizing is smaller than the European or American one, for instance, which is normal because a lot of Asians are thinner than Europeans and Americans so they create the items according to their criterias.

The mistake may also be due to the fact that you don’t know your own size, which is the case of a lot of people. For example, a lot of women don’t know their bra size even if they are used to shopping them since years, still, it’s hard to know and to choose the right size when you don’t know the right way of measuring it.

There is also another reason that could explain this size problem and this is the lack of information that you can find on some online stores. This is something that you want to pay attention to because as we mentioned earlier, the sizing is not the same at every store so you want to check what size is the right one for you, before placing any order. Especially if this is the very first time that you order from a particular online boutique.

Since we don\'t want you to make any mistake when ordering from VRTIST, we make sure to provide you the most information possible on every item that you will find on our shop. We give you a lot of details regarding the material, the thickness, the color and the way it fits.

Now let\'s get into the sizing. Our sizes are the same as in the most known brands such as ZaSee how you can measure yourself to know your own measurements (very easy !)ra that you can find everywhere. Our clothes don\'t fit too small or too large, they fit normal. Therefore, you can pick your usual size. Another thing is that we provide you a size chart in the description of every item so that you can check what size is the right one for you. You also have the measurements of the item so that you can see how it will fit you.

Here are the steps that you have to follow in order to choose the right size for you :

Check out the Return Policy :

First thing is to check the return policy of the website that you order from. This is so important to be safe when ordering clothes online and this is the first thing that you want to do before placing your order. Do not order from a website that doesn’t accept return and exchange, you have the right to make any mistake when you are shopping from an online store and you have the right to not be satisfied with the product. Know your rights and do not buy from a shop that doesn’t allow returns.

We, VRTIST, have a great return policy : you can return your item if you are not satisfied and get an exchange or a refund. Payment is 100 % secure and Paypal is available, we care for you and you are totally safe when ordering from us. Your satisfaction is the most important one.

Make sure to check out the brand’s customer feedbacks and to avoid any shop that is not reliable. A lot of reliable stores allow rating on their website, you can trust the customer’s reviews and if you see a lot of bad ones, this is a sign that the boutique or the item is not 100% good.

Careful, a brand making a lot of advertising doesn’t make it reliable. It only means that they have paid for it. A lot of new brands unfortunately, just want to make money and don’t pay attention to their customers needs. Sometimes, you can order from a shop and receive an item that is totally different from what you had expected because the seller is just stealing another shop’s photo to sell it. Know your rights, you want to be able to return it and to get a refund if you are not satisfied.

Check out the description :

A lot of times, we want to save time and we just pay attention to the picture that catchs our eyes, which is totally normal, and then we place our order without paying attention to any other details.

When it comes to clothing, of course, the photo is really important because you will pay attention to the look and see how you could wear the item that you want to order. However, you also want to see the item on different sides. For instance, when ordering a dress, pay attention to the front and to the back side. Sometimes, the cut is shorter on the other side. You can also find a split on the back and so on.

Another tip to avoid any sizing mistake by looking at the photo is to see the item worn, not only on a hanger. When you see it worn by a real person, it’s easier to get an idea on how the item will fit you. Also make sure to pay attention to the model’s shape to make the right choice.

We, VRTIST, don’t create our collections according to models standards. We want every single woman on earth to feel beautiful and proud of her body. We create our collections so that the items can suit to everyone, making curves stand out no matter what size you are. As you can see on our social medias, especially on Instagram (@vrtist_store), our clothes are worn by a lot of different women and this is what we are so proud of. We love differences and the fact that our models have different body shapes help our customers figuring out how the item will fit on them.

Also, the more photos you are available, the better, it is easier to figure out how the item will fit if you can see it worn by different people and on different outfits.

However, the picture is not the only thing that you want to look at. The description should help you knowing how the item will fit you, especially if you are ordering from a new store or if the brand doesn’t fit like most of the brand do.

We provide you a size chart on every item so that you can see what size is the right one for you. Besides, since we are shipping to different continents, we provide you the corresponding size in your own country so that it can be easier for you : a size small is not the same one in China and in Canada.

How to measure yourself :

As we mentioned before, it is very important to know your own measurements if you want to order online without making any sizing mistake. It is such an easy thing but a lot of people don’t know them and sometimes, it could help them avoiding online shopping mistakes.

You can see how you can measure yourself on this video.

First of all, you want to buy a measuring tape. You can find it most supermarkets and at a really cheap price. Besides, you will be able to keep it for a lifetime which will be helpful if your body changes for some reason (pregnancy, workout, weight loss…).

You may already know your height but if not, you can ask for help to measure it which can be very helpful especially when shopping for a dress : you will know exactly its length and if it will be short on you or not.

Your bust size is also a size that you may already know thanks to bras but again, it worth the time to measure it properly because studies showed that most women don’t have the right bra size which is a pitty. When measuring it, you want to place the tape when on the fullest part without feeling too tightened.

When measuring yourself, never want to feel like this, otherwise, you will order clothes that will be too small and you won’t feel comfortable in them.

Then, the other part that you want to measure is, of course, your waist. A lot of people don’t know where they should place the tape. Actually, it depends on the type of clothes that you want to order online. Basically, the two measurements that you want to know are the following :

  • Around your belly button

  • Where your stomach stops

The first one is the one that is the most often used but the second one will help you choosing the right size for any pants or skirt that is not high-waisted.

Basically, it means that if you want to order high-waisted jeans, you will use the belly button line measurement and if you are ordering low rise jeans, you will refer to the downer line measurement.

It is also important to measure your hips part, especially when it comes to dresses. All women are not the same so thanks to this information, you will know if the dress will fit you, and also how it will fit you, do you want the dress to be close to your body or do you want it to be more casual.

These were the most important measurements that you really need to know about yourself when it comes to online shopping.

In addition to that, you can also measure different other parts of your body that are sometimes mentioned in the description of some clothes. Here they are :

You can measure the shoulder part : it means that you have to measure the space between both shoulders, again, to know how the t-shirt or dress will fit you. Some women have stronger shoulders and some don’t, so this is also a reason of disappointment when we rely on the model’s appearance, who may in fact, look different than us. In order to measure this part, I would highly recommend to get some help because it is not as easy as the other ones.

Then, you can also measure your arms length. That’s not a common thing but it can help to figure out how the sleeves will show on your arms. That’s very helpful for winter coats for instance, they usually are more expansive, another reason to do your research before investing in this kind of piece. Also, in wintertime, we usually want to be covered from head to toe so receiving a coat or a sweater with sleeves that would be too short for you can be very annoying.

Of course, you can do the same thing with your legs if you don’t want to have any surprise when you are shopping for some pants.

You may already know your feet size but make sure to pay attention to the country you are ordering from and to the conversion. As for clothes, the sizing can be different, here is a conversion chart that can be very helpful.

Ask for help

If you have any doubt, make sure to ask for more information. It also allows you to see if the seller is reliable and helpful. We, VRTIST are receiving a lot of requests everyday and we try to answer and to provide the most information possible to our customers. We don’t want them to make any mistake when they rely on us.

We hope that this post was helpful for you, thank you for taking your time to read it, and if you need any further information. Make sure to contact us on our website

If, like us, you love shopping online and you’re passionate about fashion, feel free to follow us on our social medias and to subscribe to our newsletter so that you can receive more information about the subject.

Now enjoy your shopping :-)


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