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How to take care of your clothes ?
How to take care of your clothes ?

Did you ever feel sad when getting the amazing surprise of taking one of your favorite clothes out of your washing machine and noticing that it is not how it used to be. The material is not as good, the colors are faded… It’s even more annoying when you have spent a lot of money on them and you can’t wear it anymore. What a waste ! Guess what ? We have some amazing solutions for you to prevent any clothing issues and we will explain to you how you can save money by taking care of your beautiful clothes. Here are 10 great tips that you can start applying now !


Did you ever feel sad when getting the amazing surprise of taking one of your favorite clothes out of your washing machine and noticing that it is not how it used to be. The material is not as good, the colors are faded… It’s even more annoying when you have spent a lot of money on them and you can’t wear it anymore. What a waste ! Guess what ? We have some amazing solutions for you to prevent any clothing issues and we will explain to you how you can save money by taking care of your beautiful clothes. Here are 10 great tips that you can start applying now !

Use a natural deodorant

Did you ever noticed some deterioration around your armpits area ? Your favorite light colored top makes you feel like you have been sweating a lot (which is only normal) and that it can’t even been cleaned ! How weird ? In fact, this is not due to your sweat but more to your deodorant. A great idea would be to change your deodorant into an organic one so that it can be better for your clothes but more importantly for you. We know that armpits are pretty sensitive areas, especially if you shave them. This is why, you want to pay attention to them and to use natural products. Natural is also something that you want to keep in mind when it comes to cleaning and protecting your clothes. It’s always helping. Less is often more !

Use softener

It may seem like a pretty basic advice but it is really helping, not everyone is actually using a softener every single time. You can feel it with your towels and your more delicate materials but it’s helping with all of them. It’s great because you don’t spend a lot of time ironing them which is not the best thing to protect them but still required for various materials. Also, there are different ones that you can use to protect the colors, the wool and so on. It’s also great for the smell which is not something that will save your clothes but still pleasant.

Do not wear clothes that are too small

You want to pay attention to the size that you are ordering. The main reason is that obviously, you will look better with clothes that fit you well but there is another reason that may convince you to double check the size that you choose. If your clothes don’t fit you, they will turn bad, pretty quickly, due to the stretching. Some clothes are stretchy, spandex materials in particular, but some are not, and you want to respect that. For instance, you may have experienced having a hole in your jeans. Some jeans are bad quality and they just get damaged pretty easily but sometimes, it is because of the size that is wrong. We may gain weight and still wearing the same clothes so what is supposed to happen, will happen.

Paying attention to the size that you choose means that you want to check out the details on the website that you are ordering from. We, VRTIST provide a lot of information, especially when it comes to sizing so that you don’t have any surprise and our clothes fit like the most known brands so our customers can order their usual size. Not all websites have the same sizing and if you want to learn more about how you can choose the right size all the time, make sure to read our post here. Also, we have a video on how you can measure yourself very easily so that you can double check the size that will fit you which is often required for a dress, for example.

Dry your white clothes through the sun

This tip is great if you have a garden or a balcony but you still can apply it if you have a window. Like I said before, a lot of solutions are in the nature so use this great grandma tip to save your light clothes. To protect your white pieces, just let them dry through the sun. The sun will help get them lighter.

Don’t clean natural garments

Did you know that natural garments don’t need to be cleaned ? Basically, they clean themselves. Save your time and don’t clean the clothes that don’t need you. You will see why it is so great in the next part of this post.

Do not wash too often

First of all, some clothes don’t require a lot of washing, as I mentioned before. Also, if you wash clothes too often, obviously, they will fade faster, which will cost you money and we want to avoid that. Some clothes can be worn several times before washing. It can be hard but if you think about it, it makes sense. I don’t know about you but if you are not very clumsy when you’re eating, your clothes are pretty clean before putting them to the washing machine. Also, except for workout clothes or during the summertime, you don’t sweat a lot every single day. A pair of jeans can be work a few times before getting washed, they will stay longer. Of course, it doesn’t work with underwear.

Read and respect the label indications

It makes sense that you have to respect the label indications when you want to wash your clothes, they are here for this purpose. However, a lot of people don’t look at them because of laziness and this can cause deterioration which is a pity. You can avoid doing that if you don’t wash the clothes at high temperature and if you know the material and how you have to take care of it. If that’s not the case, just look at them so that you don’t make any mistake. Basically, if the material is delicate as for satin, silk, wool etc, you have to clean them at very low temperature versus if you are cleaning cotton or tougher clothes, you can clean them at higher temperature. You also want to pay attention to the colors but you already know that. Also, label indications are very important for ironing. A lot of clothes can’t be ironed and if you do, they will get damaged or burn in the worst-case scenario.

Quality over quantity

We often want to save money by shopping for clothes at very low price. Sometimes, we can make great deals by doing that but unfortunately, it can also be a waste of time and money. In fact, a lot of clothes that you will find at low prices are also very bad quality because of this reason : a store, a brand, will pay more for better materials so because they cost them more, they have to sell them at a higher price to the customers. When the seller sell them at very low price, it usually means that the clothes didn’t cost a lot to the brand and this is why they are not losing money by selling them at a low price to their customers. We, VRTIST, value the quality over quantity and we want our customers to appreciate the quality of the clothes that they order from us. They trust us and we do our best to always satisfy them. We create our clothes paying attention to the quality and using the best materials so that our customers can feel at their best, inside and out.

We highly recommend you to pay attention to the quality of the clothes that you are buying and to invest in them so that they can last you longer.

Also, quality over quantity means that if you are buying something that cost more, that is better quality and that is more rare, less persons will have the same item so you will stand out. We believe in that. We don’t make a lot of pieces on each item that we create because we don’t want everyone to look the same and we believe in the unicity of every single person in this world. We believe that fashion is a great way to express it and to become an artist by creating our own style.

Another tip in order to have less clothes and to pay more attention to them is to create your own capsule wardrobe. In case you don’t know what it is, here is an explanation : a capsule wardrobe is a minimalist way of dressing ourselves. Less is more. You want to keep only the clothes that you will wear for the season and do the same with the accessories. The second step is the hardest one, you have to stick with them. If like me, you are really into clothes, it can be difficult at first but you can get used to it and it is absolutely amazing for different reasons. You save a lot of money buy stopping shopping for clothes that you don’t need.

Again, you can invest in beautiful pieces that you will wear several times and you won’t feel the need of shopping for new ones that you won’t last you for a longtime. Another thing is that it will allow you to save a lot of time in the morning. The less choices you have to make, the better -and it works with everything- : if you have less clothes, you will create your outfit pretty easily and you will have more time to do everything else. Eventually, it will help you being trendy because you will have less chance to make any fashion mistake -to be honest, I don’t really believe in them but some people do-. When the new season arrives, you can shop for the new trendy pieces that you love and play with them on different looks. It’s fun !

Rotate clothes

The more you wear your clothes, the more they will fade. This is how it works with almost everything so without buying new clothes all the time, just try to rotate your clothes. The capsule wardrobe that we mentioned earlier is a great way to help you wearing all of them without forgetting them in your closet. Did you ever buy an item and never wear it ? It’s a common thing but the capsule wardrobe is a great way to avoid that and to help you saving money by avoiding shopping for clothes that you don’t really need.

A great way to do that is to clean your closet pretty often. It will help you noticing clothes that you don’t really wear and if you don’t, you can donate them to someone that will enjoy them more.

Besides, the fact of not wearing the same pair of jeans all the time can help you creating new outfits and feeling brand new all the time. Again, fashion is made for you to express yourself and create your own style.

By doing that, you will wash the same clothes less often and they will last longer.

What I love doing is to buy a beautiful coat in wintertime because I know that I will be able to wear it the next years too and of course, when you accumulate different pieces, it’s easier to rotate them.

No drier

A drier can be very helpful for towels and bed linens but I wouldn’t recommend it for clothes, and above all, not for delicate ones. Try to avoid it and to opt for a drying rack. It takes longer time but it’s better for your clothes.

To conclude, try to be gentle with your clothes when it comes to washing and to wearing them. Try to invest in better materials so that they can last you longer and make you feel beautiful. Pay attention to the clothes that you choose, especially if you are ordering online. We provide high quality clothes and our customers satisfaction is the most important one, if you want to have a look, feel free to go to

We would like to thank you for reading this and we hope that you got all the information that you needed, if you have any question, do not hesitate to leave a comment so that we can help you.


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