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Our values
Our values

VRTIST was created in 2014 in Paris, France, after working on it for months, designing our very first pieces and creating our online shop.



VRTIST was created in 2014 in Paris, France, after working on it for months, designing our very first pieces and creating our online shop.

Our first collection was very different from what we are designing now. We started by creating basic tees with our old brand logo on them, which was very trendy at that time. They were made in the US and in Europe.

Then, we started creating message tees and our best seller “Full-time princess” tee was loved by our customers so we decided to create a whole collection with different designs and the same message which was fun and expressing our brand’s value which was to put the women on top and to enhance their beauty.

We also wanted to develop our brand and to provide other types of clothes, more feminine, so we work with French companies that helped us providing new pieces to our customers that were waiting for them.

Inspired by fashion and by influencers and bloggers all over the world, we focused on developing our collections making our items better and better all the time. We worked on the sizing and on the quality in order to improve our brand so that our customers can be always satisfied with their orders.

When created our shop, we only wanted to be online because we feel like nowadays, our lives go fast and it’s very easy to shop online so we just wanted to make our customers life easier and to provide them the trendiest clothes and the best customer service that they deserve. We pay attention to our customers care and since we value them so much, we always took account of their requests and they built our current brand with us. This is their boutique.


One day we received a message on our Facebook page, congratulating us for our brand and our clothes. We receive this kind of message all the time and we really feel like our customers are our friends. They show us their outfits when they receive the clothes, they are friendly and they always support us in our new projects. This is true love. So, as always, we appreciated this message and started chatting with the customer, we love talking to them and knowing them even better. She was sharing a lot about her life and finally told us that she wasn’t confident with her body and that she wouldn’t dare wearing too feminine clothes because of others.  

This conversation just made us realized how many women are lacking confidence and we wanted to add value to them by helping them feeling better in their body. We created the slogan “Be your own goal” which was and still is our motto.

Our brand is very present on Instagram and we know how difficult it can be to spend a lot of time on social medias staring at beautiful women luxurious lifestyles, especially for teenagers but not only.

We try to use this beautiful media not only to sell clothes but also to send messages to women and help them feeling beautiful inside and out. We see our brand as a way of creating beautiful pieces to share positiveness to the world. We see fashion as an art and we want our customers to become artists and to express themselves by sharing their values through it.

We don’t believe in what some people say : “this type of body can’t wear this type of clothes”. Fashion should express freedom and help women feeling better about themselves, not feeling like they can’t wear this or that. They should do whatever they want.

Therefore, we try to provide clothes that enhance curves, we love curves and we want our customers to love their curves as well.


For a long time, we believed that we had to rush and to follow the trend by dropping new pieces all the time. Fast fashion is the way a lot of clothing brands work so we thought that we had to do the same thing.

Nevertheless, we realised by working into the fashion industry for years that it is not how we want to create. We have learnt so much since our launch in September 2014 and we love spending time to create so that we can have the best collections for our customer. We love sharing messages, improving the quality of our products and we love adding value to our customers, or friends.

At the end of 2018 we decided to really focus on sharing a lot of information with our customers, we want to help them as much as we can, not only by sharing the latest fashion trends but also by providing information that can serve them in their women’s existence.

We are working with different partners who are very talented and help us creating the most beautiful pieces for our collections. We care for our customer satisfaction and we never sell a product that doesn’t meet our expectations. Our clients trust us and we value them. We have a great relationship and we don’t want to disappoint them.


We spend a lot of time creating and following our inspirations but we are also very available for our customers and we are responding to all of their messages and questions. This takes us a lot of time everyday but we really want to be very transparent with them especially because we are selling online and we want them to have as much information as they would have in real life.

For that matter, we have created a Youtube channel where we are sharing a lot of information about our brand, fashion trends but as we already mentioned we also love to provide information that will help women more deeply.

We share a lot of informative content about self-love and self-confidence and we love to interact with our clients so Youtube and social medias in general are a great way to do that. We love answering their comments and knowing them even better.

Women should support each other so everyday we share inspiring quotes and positive things to give them a beautiful smile.

In the future, we want to interact even more with our clients and we want to meet them in person so we are working on that and hopefully, within a short time, we will be able to do that and to have fun with them.


Online shopping is great for busy women and we feel very blessed to be able to do that thanks to the new technologies. However, there is something that you can’t do yet when shopping from your screen : you can’t try-on your clothes. We know that it can be a struggle to order the wrong size online and to be disappointed. Therefore, we have a great return policy but since we don’t want our clients to waste any of their precious time, we put a lot of effort into providing information about our clothes.

Our sizing is the same one as you will find in most European and American brands, our clothes fit normal so everyone can choose their regular size.

We also provide a size chart for every items that we sell on the website so that our customers can check which size is the best one of them, especially if the sizing is different in their country.

Besides, we have created a video explaining how we can easily know which size we should choose which is very helpful when ordering online. We explain how and where to measure since we also have the measurements into the description of the items.


When we started this wonderful adventure, our customers were French and we were so blessed to have them and so grateful that they were loving what we made. With time, we realised that we were also reaching other people, living in other countries. We love how art -and as we said before, we see fashion as an art- can create links between different cultures, between people living so far away from each others, living different lives.

We love travelling the world, meeting new people and we realised how easier it was to do that thanks to the Internet. Of course, we were already using it but we didn’t realise how powerful it was to be able to share things with other human beings living on the other side of our beautiful Earth.

Consequently, we decided do open our brand to the world and to start speaking English so that we could share more. We are now very proud to have clients living on different continents and speaking different languages. Hopefully, we will meet them all, one day.

In the same spirit, we love to create our collections by getting inspiration from different countries and cultures. We are blessed to be working with talented fashion lovers all over the world. Our pieces are made with beautiful fabrics sourced in so many different countries. We love to mix talents because we believe that this is how you get the best result, which is what we want our clients to experience.


When we created the brand, we were focusing on women clothing because it was what we knew the best about and we were creating our clothes by thinking of what type of clothes we would love to have in our closet.

As we mentioned earlier, we started this brand by creating basic tees which were very trendy at that time and therefore, we started receiving orders from men and they would share their outfit with us too. We realised that they were loving our basic tees, so for a time, our collections were, for a part, neutrals, so that everyone could wear them. We didn’t want to exclude men that were loving our style too.

Still, we weren’t as passionate by menswear so we really focused on women clothing, because we put passion and love above everything. At that point, we started creating more feminine collections and developing our line.

We believe in feminine energy and we believe that women have to highlight their differences because their feminity is a power.

Naturally, we felt very inspired by our customers feedback so we improved our brand by not only selling clothes but by trying to add value to women’s lives.

We are now working on our collections to help all of them feeling confident and feminine. We are adding more sizes and our models are very different from each others, we want to enhance all body types and all ethnicities.


When we tried to follow the fast-fashion industry, we wanted to provide celebrities trends -mostly American- at an affordable price which was what most brand were doing. Our clothes were very feminine and sexy as the most famous influencers love to wear.

Our style of clothes evolved as our way of working did since we want to focus and spend more time into creating beautiful collections for our clients. We learnt a lot through years and we want to provide the best products and the best quality all the time.

We create new styles getting our inspiration from the travels that we do and from other cultures.

We still concentrate in helping women gaining confidence and feeling feminine at any occasion. We love to make women’s bodies even more beautiful and this is why we spend a lot of time creating our collections, according to the positive messages that we want to share.


In the future, we want to focus on the creation and we want our brand to be very unique as we want all women to be.  

We want to travel more and to work all over the world as we already are virtually. We would love to meet our clients, models and partners living on different countries.

We are going to provide more informative content relative to self-confidence and femininity through our blog, our Youtube channel and our social medias.

We want to get in touch with our clients and to know them even better, we want to meet them in person even if they are living overseas.

We are already working on our our future collections which are going to be very classy and elegant made with beautiful fabrics and inspired by different cultures on our beautiful planet.

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